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We unequivocally speak out against the violence that has cost and is costing the lives of Black Americans. These continuous assaults are clearly embedded in systemic racism and supported by those who intentionally and unintentionally perpetuate hate and racial injustice. As your Teaching and Learning Center, we advocate through action, reflection, and the sharing of resources to support our entire college community in creating justice for all and finding healing and restoration for those who have been the target of oppression.Please visit our Teaching Resources page for teaching and learning resources to address these essential issues, and please consider joining our conversations and programs focused on these needs. Our students and we ourselves are at risk until we transform how we teach and learn together.

Gina Rae Foster, Director, John Jay Teaching and Learning Center

Statements on Racial Justice and the Death of George Floyd:

We encourage you to read these statements from our John Jay, union, and CUNY leaders:

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